This is Me – My Offensive Motion System

What do you think is better to use: an offensive motion system or set plays for your team?

I will not talk about why I believe a system is more beneficial for a team and the players, but I will share with you what I created, and I will teach from now on. Of course, this is not a final version, and it will never be, as long as perfectionism exists.

I started to develop this system two months ago shortly after I started training Jif Hakoah Copenhagen, basketball team. I felt I had to create the basketball IQ and knowledge, instead of using set plays to win the games. I think I chose right, as long as everybody is happy to learn, and also they won all the games.

I had the luck and the will during the last years of intense study,  to attend or to watch over two thousand hours of clinics, live or recorded. After I analyzed hundreds of hours of video of the top European games, the Masterclass course and the trip to Alba Berlin came like a binder that put all together and created peace and order in all my thoughts.

I built this offense with what I believe it is simple, efficient, creative and makes the players work like five fingers on a hand with all the passion they need to be successful.

The system is a mix between “4out 1in motion”, “Read and react offense” and all types of Pick & Rolls: Side, Step-up, Spread, Shake and Straight. I also use the High Pick in the transition, but I will talk some other time about the break.

I would also like to use two or three sets of plays which the team will run from time to time for an extra 10-15 points/game, and you will find it at the end. I didn’t include in here the inbound plays for sideline and baseline, and also the Special Situation plays that I like to use, but I promise that I will write another post about the subject. In the following, I will present it to you with graphics and the explanations of the rules and the actions which will trigger the next moves. Here we go:

Any advice or comment will be well received, and I will be very open in any conversation about it. I hope you will find it exciting and maybe it will give you ideas for your practices or systems.

What you just read shows you, my fundamental way of thinking the game, and I can easily declare: THIS IS ME IN TERMS OF BASKETBALL!

Enjoy it!

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