So long, Farvel, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye my beloved Denmark – an Au revoir letter

Dear Denmark,

There’ve been three years since I know you, and you never stopped fascinating me.  When I came here, I was a shy East European guy who started the adventure of his life. From the very first day, you began to work on my transformation, and I am so grateful for this.

If I need to say in one sentence what I learned from you is that I discovered how to live. I remember how we started on the first day. You made me a welcome gift of 3000 DKK in traffic fine ?. And that’s OK, because you taught me to obey to the rules and this is so important. From that moment ,  you started to rebuild my values and made me to reflect upon my past mistakes.

All this period, I lived in a house near a lake, and I was surrounded by nature, or maybe better, I lived connected to life. It was the same everywhere in Denmark, and this was how I found my way, and I understood my place in this world.

You made my family so happy how they never been, and you succeed to create such a strong bond between us that nothing can take us apart from now on. I can’t tell how happy we are that our kids had the best experiences of their lives and they developed so lovely.

You helped me so much with my professional development, and you made me the coach that I am today, and I don’t have words to express my gratitude for this. I could access any education that I wanted, and you satisfied my hunger for learning, sending me to the biggest clubs in Europe to learn and understand how they build high-performance programs.

You introduced me to a lot of people, and I made so many friends that hopefully I will be in touch with, for the rest of my life. Beautiful people who share the same passion with me, extraordinary people ready to help anyone, lovely colleagues who are prepared to share their ideas, remarkable kids who want to become basketball players and are ready to give all for it, and sensational teams where I had the pleasure to work. I will not tell their names here, but if they read this letter, they will find them among the rows. When you see them, please tell them how much I love all.

Since the very beginning, I tried to return all the good things that you gave to me, and even some people will say I did it, I am not entirely satisfied. I gave everything, and I did my best for growing the basketball in Denmark, I tried to create professional environments anywhere I worked, but still, I am not satisfied.

I am sure that you will use your greatness to help other people like me to do what I did here. You also have to work hard to modify the basketball environment and to point it towards high performance, which for now is just a baby. I can bet everything that you will do it.

I need to go in the big world now, and even if I am crying and I am sad, I need to say Goodbye, for now, I have to do it, I must find my way into pro basketball coaching.

But I promise that I will visit you from time to time, and I will be back to return all your services when the right moment comes.


Croatia: Be ready! I am on my way.

With all my love,


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