About Me

My name is Mihai Dumitrescu, and I was born to be a basketball coach.

Well, this is what I believe with all my heart.

The biggest part of the day I am studying and also teaching basketball.

I am living in Denmark with my two boys and my lovely wife.

As a coach, I am a certified Skill Enhancement Trainer in the US, and I took the A-trainer license issued by the Danish Federation.

On the other hand, I have a degree in economics which I used in my previous life. Well, it’s a way of saying it. Is not another life, it’s only the part that I didn’t enjoy.

I put a lot of passion in what I am doing, and that is how I have a tremendous amount of energy which I usually succeed to transmit to the others.

My ultimate coaching goal is to make other people better than they were yesterday and this drives them to be happier.

I think I am a creative person with a lot of ideas and that is how I started this blog where I want to share my stories about coaching and life experience. Also, I will share my beliefs and thoughts about this beautiful way of living. Here is what I want:

– I want to share everything I know with you, and at the same time to accept all your criticism or appreciations because I consider a good way to develop each other.

– I want to inspire and motivate you and others and to be inspired and motivated by you or them.

– I want to be the “Coach of the Day” every day, and I need your competition.

– I want to stay in contact with people like you and to accept your advice or challenges every day.

Who am I? An imperfect human being who wants to be perfect in the end.

But, I will better let you know to decide who I am.